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Find the Best Beach Vacation Spot for Your Getaway!

As if trying to set a date for your girls weekend or girlfriend getaway wasn't hard enough, now someone has to find a destination for your get together. Well thankfully, Orbitz has just come out with a great new beach finder tool to help you do just that. Pick and click and in only three simple steps you're done.

You already know who's traveling, your best girl friends, so the first choice is easy.

Next, choose up to 4 items that would make your time together the best. How about dining, shopping, nightlife and culture? You can also choose casinos, snorkeling, fishing and golfing if your group is so inclined or you can pick any combination you want.

The last choice is easy too. Just tell Orbitz what hotel options you want - an all-inclusive resort with a private beach or maybe a resort with a spa, a private beach and beach waiters to cater to your every whim. You can even choose whether you need to dig out that passport or not. Then, presto, Orbitz finds the perfect destination that meets all your criteria. It's easy and it's quick!

If you want to tell your friends you spent hours poring over every detail to plan the perfect vacation, we'll never tell how easy it really was. We'll keep that just between friends.

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