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Girls Night Out

Plan a Girls Night Out

Go ahead. Invite the girls for a night out on the town. Don't just wait for someone else to do it - YOU do it. We'll help get you started.


Start the evening off right by picking out the perfect invitation. Evite has some great ready-made designs or you can upload one of your own. Evite

If you are on Facebook, create an event then choose your guest list. Be sure to decide ahead of time if it is okay to have your event open to other invitations. If you are looking for an intimate night out with close friends, say so in the invitation so the night doesn't morph into something unexpected.


Where to go? What to do? It really depends on the crowd. For some, drinks at a local bar are all that's required. For others, maybe dinner and movie or even a night of bowling will fit the bill. You know the girls, pick something that everyone can enjoy. TIP: Go somewhere you can't go with kids. Any mom can tell you that even a trip to Hallmark can be a luxury.

Other Ideas:

Shoe shopping - Go ahead! Do the flamingo dance that Jeff Foxworthy accuses us of doing. You know the one, you put a different shoe on each foot and then say, "Which do you like better? These? Or These?" as you alternate standing on one foot while hiding the other behind you. Note: This activity is best done BEFORE visiting the wine bar!

Explore a bookstore - Pick out a book you can all agree to read then you'll have something to discuss at your next girls night out. You might even venture over to the magazine section and decide which magazines you can each subscribe to and then share. Who doesn't enjoy a trip to Barnes & Noble?

Night at the Drive-in - When you get together with the gals, you often tend to get nostalgic. Why not pop some popcorn, put on your fuzzy slippers, pile in that huge honkin' SUV and hit the drive-in? There are still plenty around. Here's a great site where you can find one near you. Many now offer double-features too.

Paint Pottery - Many cities now have one or two places where you can paint your own pottery. Yes, it is similar to the ceramics class you or your mom took in the 80s but with a twist. Instead of cookie-cutter, paint-by-number painting, you can put your own design and creativity into anything from a serving platter to a dog dish. Many places even have wine and cheese or dinner offered. Find a place in your neighborhood and go!

If you would rather plan a girls night in, be sure to visit our Girls Night In page for more ideas. If you have ideas (or pictures) you'd like to share with us, please use the "contact us" button below to send us an email or comment on our blog.

Need a little music while you get ready for your girls night? Visit iTunes to buy the following iMix. You will need to have iTunes installed on your computer already. Give this link a moment to work as it will open iTunes on your computer and take you to the iMix in the iTunes store.