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Green Getaways

Ready to get away but want to do right by the environment? Here are some great ways to save money AND protect the planet at the same time.

These days, a green getaway can mean anything from taking a full-fledged eco-tour to just making sure you bring your own coffee mug. We think if you are going to go green then you should do it with gusto. It's easy being green and it is more convenient than you might think.

The key to convenience is replacing old standbys with eco-friendly substitutes.

  • If you are going to rent a car anyway, rent a hybrid. Hybrid rental cars at
  • If you are going to shop, pack an extra tote so you don't accumulate a bunch of non-recyclable department store bags.
  • If coffee is your cup of tea, bring your own mug.
  • Pack your snack or, if you must eat out, choose to go in a restaurant rather than hitting the drive thru. This has several savings. Not only will you save gas by not idling in line but you'll also have more control over how your meal arrives.
  • A restaurant with plates and glasses is best but you can be friendly at fast food chains too. It all starts with packaging. Make sure you say your meal is "for here" and you'll save a bag. Tell the person preparing your order you don't need any extra wrappers, lids or straws. See? Isn't that easy? You're already lessening your impact.

Of course how you act at your hotel has power too.

  • Hang the "Do not Disturb Sign" on the door upon arrival. Sure you'll get to sleep in this way but you'll also keep housekeeping from restocking your toiletries and replacing your linens. This reduces waste, saves energy and keeps your housekeeping skills in check.
  • Choose a hotel near a bus or subway line and you can leave your car valet parked. Again, several savings here. You won't waste gas, you'll get a little exercise and you won't have to tip the valet more than once during your stay.
  • Find green hotels around the world at

You can also Offset Your Carbon Footprint with Travelocity